Santorini has been voted as one of the 10 most beautiful natural landscapes in the world for decades. The uniqueness of Santorini, however, is not limited to the landscape and its ancient cultural heritage. Its vineyard is among the most special in the world, offering some of the best wines in the world and you can have a Santorini wine tour.

Santorini Vinsanto is a traditional sweet wine belonging to the category of wines with a Designation of Origin of Superior Quality (OPAP Santorini) .It has many colors: dark bronze, white, red or rosé and very long aromatic duration, from overripe grapes.

Vinsanto is filled with rich complex aromas of ripening, the fig and the raisin stand out, cinnamon, coffee, orange, chocolate, nuts, honey and light vanilla notes. Also, it has intense sweetness but also intense acidity where it works as a balancer.

History and Origin of the Name

It is historically known that vinsanto was exported to Russia at least from 1786.Santorini’s economy plummeted when, due to the October Revolution, stopped exporting vinsando to this country. There are two theories about the origin of the name. Therefore, according to the first in Italian Vino santo means holy wine while according to the second view they consider that it indicates the origin of the wine Vino di Santorini wine from Santorini.

This wine stands out for the sun-dried grapes, which gives it a special taste. follower of the passes, as in ancient times dried wines were called, for which the Aegean islands were famous.

Production process

The harvest takes place around mid-September, followed by the drying of the grapes where the grapes dry, resulting in an increase in the sugar content. The grapes are pressed with manganese. The resulting must is sealed in barrels to follow the fermentation process for at least four months. It is then left to mature for at least two years in oak barrels.

The Label (OPAP)

All Vinsanto are OPAP wines of Santorini. According to current legislation, on labels and packaging, the name Vinsanto always written in letters of the Latin alphabet of the same type and color to form a single whole. However, in the promotion and advertising bulletins addressed to the Greek consumer.

This name can also be written with letters of the Greek alphabet, ie: Vinsado. By law, grapes must be at least 51% of the variety Assyrtiko, while the rest should be grapes of the varieties Aidani and Athiri or other white grapes traditionally grown in Thira and Thirasia. The biggest Greek and international competitions highlight Vinsanto as the best of Greek sweet wines.

Vinsanto in the Santorini Wine Tour

Vinsanto is ideally drunk at 8 to 10 degrees Celsius and it is available as an aperitif or after a meal. It accompanies strong cheeses, desserts, chocolate, ice creams, fruits, nuts, delicacies biscuits and dry crackers or cakes.

Vinsanto in the Kitchen

Finally, Vinsanto goes perfectly with recipes with brisket, beef fillet, sweets with dried fruit, chocolate, champagne and creams and generally where you would put a sweet aromatic wine.

Suggestions and Options of Vinsanto wine in Santorini wine tour

Vinsanto Hatzidaki

  • Rich and thick with aromas of citrus and chocolate
  • Accompanies nuts and dry sweets
  • Price: About 16 euros

Vinsanto Kamaritis Koutsogiannopoulou

  • It has a flavor of sweet raisins, truffle. soft and velvety in the mouth
  • Accompanies cookies, sweet fruit crackers and ice cream
  • Price: About 17 euros

Vinsanto Antoniou

  • It accompanies spicy cheeses with a preference for Roquefort, but is also drunk as an aperitif
  • Price: About 18 euros

Vinsanto Iliopoulos

  • Amber color with orange highlights
  • Flavors of apricot, honey, dried fruits
  • Shelf life 5 years
  • Price: About 18 euros

Vinsanto Gavala

  • Viscous, aromatic on a honey background
  • Accompanies fruit juices and is served as an aperitif
  • Price: About 19 euros


  • Ktima Sigala SA
  • Variety: Assyrtiko & Aidani
  • A complex bouquet of aromas, where quince paste, sweet orange, coffee, raisins and herbs stand out
  • It accompanies desserts
  • Shelf life 5 years
  • Price: About 20 euros

Vinsanto Sigala

  • Golden orange color with bright reflections
  • Rich with excellent structure and delicious duration
  • It is accompanied with strong cheeses
  • It can age for a long time
  • Price: About 28 euros

Vinsanto Argyrou

  • The oldest and most expensive on the market
  • Deep color, aromas of nuts and chocolate
  • Served after dinner.
  • Price: About 53 euros

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