Mr. Papalexiou, an electrician with a master’s degree in environment , says the following: We live in an age where energy reserves are slowly beginning to run out. Environmental consciousness and perception are now considered necessary to govern our every action. The goal of all of us should be to pass on to the next generations a planet that is cleaner, more beautiful and with energy reserves.

A simple and uncomplicated way to achieve this is by saving energy. We all consume electricity on a daily basis and use electrical appliances. Whether in our home or in our business, we are constantly dependent on electricity. This does not mean that we should waste it and use it recklessly. There are many ways to save energy that will be good for the environment as well as in your pocket. We will present you the top 6, which you can apply immediately.

6 tips from Electrician: Save energy, save money!

If you tremble every time you open your electric bill and are afraid of what you will see, maybe it’s time to take some steps to save both energy and money. No need for complicated procedures. You can easily save energy in the following ways:

1. Pay special attention and attention to the lighting in your space.

The lighting that exists in a house and in a space does not only contribute to its daily practice and aesthetics. It can also drastically affect your health, your mood and your psychology. But also, if it is illuminated incorrectly, it can raise the electricity bill. We recommend that you replace all the bulbs in your room with LED bulbs to save electricity and money.

What used to be done ? The lighting with incandescent lamps was lagging behind in many places. They had a lot of heat loss, a short life cycle and consumed a lot of energy. This was followed by halogen and fluorescent lamps which showed significant advantages.

In recent years, however, we have introduced LED lamps that consume minimal energy and have a long life.

An inhibitory factor may be their slightly high price, but we consider them to be an important investment for the future. And the amortization of your costs will be done very quickly.

2. Turn off the devices completely when you do not need them.

In our spaces and in our homes we all have many electrical appliances that meet our needs. Each one fulfils its purpose, but this does not mean that they all have to work at the same time. Also, many mistakenly believe that a device if you are on standby or if it does not work does not consume energy. This is not true at all. Here are some examples of devices that consume energy without you knowing it:

  • Power strip : we know it’s annoying to open it every time you need to plug something in instead of keeping it open forever. But the energy that is consumed, if it is permanently open, is wasted recklessly and money is spent
  • Computer and device screens : It would be good to turn off your device completely whenever you have finished your work with a device. Not to put it on standby or sleep, but to end it. And after doing this, it will be good to see if there are lights and lamps on them. Turn off the light on the TV screen, computer, microwave and coffee maker. All of these accumulate and consume energy where you least expect it.

3. Buy energy efficient appliances.

It would be good every time before each of your purchases to pay attention to the energy efficiency and requirements of each device. In recent years, tremendous progress has been made in the design, development and manufacture of devices and equipment that consume less energy than before . Although today’s models have more features and functions, they reduce emissions, improve productivity and reduce costs.

We recommend that you search for the products you want to buy the new energy label in the retail stores that you will visit and also on the internet. Usually the depreciation of the purchase cost is done much faster in the high energy class electronic devices. So you too can save money by buying a device with reduced operating costs, and you will make an advantageous purchase. It goes without saying that you will also contribute to the care of the environment.

4. Every electrician advises to use the energy of the sun.

Any electrician , especially in our country, Greece, where the sunshine is high, advises us to take advantage of the sun’s energy. There are many things you can do to make the most of it and reduce your heating and electricity costs .

Example : Hot water for bathing and washing dishes. It is a pity to use electric water heaters, while we can have solar. The installation of a solar panel and a boiler will free your hands and with the money you will save, you will pay off your investment immediately.

Also, if you have the ability, you can install photovoltaics to meet all your energy needs.

5. Reduce the use of air condition recommended by electricians.

Especially in our country, where in the summer months the temperatures rise a lot and we can have heat waves, we recommend the reduction of its consumption. air conditioner. Instead you can operate fans, either floor or ceiling. The electricians advise the following:

A ceiling fan is the most environmentally friendly and economical solution.
In addition, it consumes much less energy than the air conditioner.
Electrician Air Condition

It is worth noting that in terms of the feeling of coolness, the fans help a lot, because they redistribute the air in the room and have a lower maintenance cost. After all, they are better for your health. The air flow they cause is clearly more natural.

6. Close the door of your refrigerator.

It may seem strange to you as a way to save energy but it is. Do not leave his door refrigerator, especially in the hot months, open for no reason. Or do not open it every now and then for no reason. The refrigerator in such cases overworks and consumes energy to come back to the right temperature. If this happens all the time, you will definitely not save energy.

Conclusions from the advice of the Electrician Mr. Papalexiou

These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. It does not require much effort and know-how. In these and many other ways we guarantee that you will see a tremendous difference in your next electricity bill. On the other hand, you will have protected both the environment and our planet, which at this time needs vigilance more than ever.

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